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Forward Link, a division of CBM of America, announces partnership agreement with Anritsu

"Our RF engineers needed equipment that was rugged, feature rich, and had world-class support. Anritsu was the only choice. Nobody even comes close," said Michael C. Stephens, CBM of America's President and CEO. "Anritsu has focused on wireless carriers for decades and has consistently demonstrated a customer-first attitude, so we share many of the same values."

CBM of America, Inc. (CBMA), has been an innovator and niche provider of Network Solutions and Custom Network Products for the Telecom Industry for over 20 years. We specialize in networking products and solutions that provide seamless IP migration of legacy protocol interfaces, such as BX25 & X25. We are experts in mediating legacy protocols to IP based networks for Central Office network element connections such as AT&T 5ESS, Siemens EWSD, Nortel DMS, Fujitsu FLM, Lucent DDM, Tekelec, and for Lucent BNS/VCS Datakit networks.
Multi-mode Optical Isolation - a CBM custom networking product

Our primary objective is to provide our customers with cutting edge, and/or lagging edge technology solutions that they require in order to respond to the fast changing needs and competitive pressures of our dynamic communications industry.

Our networking products, not only include CBMA's custom designed and manufactured products (NEBS Level 3 certified), but they also include the integration of products from technology leaders such as Cisco, MRV Communications, Datatek Applications, General DataComm (GDC), Lucent-Alcatel Technologies, and Telco Systems.

CBMA also custom designs, and manufactures the critical physical layer technology (patch panels/cables), that are required in order to provide a seamless migration to the newer faster IP based networks. Any company, who is being challenged to migrate their legacy networks to IP based networks, can benefit from CBMA's technology. Our unique products provide the ability to preserve and extend the life of our customers' imbedded base of investment. Our products are designed to also allow for a smooth transition to the newer IP based architecture.

Also, while our customers are struggling to fund their IP migration, CBMA provides support, maintenance, and parts sparing services for legacy network elements that still must be maintained during the transition. Our goal is to provide support, products, and services that will minimize the cost of ownership of this legacy network while it is being migrated out of the network.

CBMA's innovative approach to engineering, and fabricating obsolete and failing Central Office technologies, such as power supplies, fan tray assemblies, modems, tape and disk drives, extends the life of the network element so our customers can migrate at their own speed and most importantly, when they can afford it.

As a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, CBMA is very involved in the integration of Cisco networking solutions relating to Central Office FTTP network element management. We provide Cisco integration, staging, racking, pre-provisioning, and distribution services nationwide. Our extensive stocking, and testing services, ensure every installation meets job completion dates. These deployments are not only comprised of Cisco routers, and switches, but also have all of the ancillary equipment (I.E. cables, cable management, and patch panels) that are required for an efficient turnkey installation that is so important for critical FTTP/FTTH rollouts.

CBMA is a Verizon Turf Vendor for Central Office Engineering, Installation and Furnish in the State of New Jersey. We are a company who's diverse and innovative products, and unique support service offerings, are simply a reflection of our many years of responding to our customers unique technology challenges. We are a TL9000/ISO certified company who is customer satisfaction driven, and is committed to the very highest quality possible, in every aspect of our business.